Mountain biking is a great sport that anyone can take part in, the only skill you really need is the ability to ride a bike.  There is some danger involved and you’re going to need some safety equipment for the ride.  Before you head off road by yourself you should know how to start mountain biking, here are some tips to get you started.  These skills can be practiced pretty much anywhere.

How You Ride

Positioning yourself on your bike is important if you want to have a safe and comfortable ride.  Your arms should be relaxed and a little bit bent at your elbows.  Grip your handle bars firmly enough to have control but still relaxed.  You are going to have to adjust the seat to the right height.  When your peddle is at the bottom and your leg is extended it should be about 80% extended.  As you get more comfortable you will find your sweet spot.  Here is a look at how you should be riding.

Shifting Gears

Shifting mountain bike gears is an important part of navigating the terrain and it may take you a couple of trips before you get really good at it.  The smaller cogs are the higher numbered gears making it harder to go faster going downhill or on flat services.  Bigger cogs are the lowered number gears and they make it easier to peddle uphill when you need to, start changing your gears to climb a hill long before you get to it not as you start to ascend.

Body Position

Riding an off road bike is different from riding a racing bike in and around the city.  You are going to spend more time standing on the pedals because of the terrain that you are going over.  Off road biking means going over rocks and rough terrain, when you are sitting it is a bumpy ride so much so that you can be thrown of the seat and lose control of your bike.  Standing allows for your knees and elbows to flex as needed.  This is something that you will want to practice before you hit rough terrain with any kind of speed.  Start by standing while pedaling and going over curbs, your bike is more than capable of handling this kind of drop.

Biking offroad is a great ride and an excellent way to get out into nature while getting some great exercise.  A little bit of practice and you will be cruising those trails in no time at all.