If you’ve survived a number of years of mountain biking a fair bit of wear and tear will have been inflicted on you and your bikes and you’ll have dealt with plenty.  If you’re a little newer to the sport and not yet fully conversant with how everything works it all might be a bit daunting.  On the pages in this section, we’ll try and bring something for both groups.  

Since the bulk of things we all need to know stem from experience and common sense, being clever and unique is not what this area of the site is about.  It’s here simply to allow access to information that will keep bikes moving on the trail.  Imagine a biking trip with camping involved, and the checklist you will need to go over for the safest experience. Did you check your lightweight tent, waterproof clothing, sleeping bag, air mattress (for overweight?), and think about carrying all the stuff with you all day through the trail?

Most of all we want to help lessen the chance of you being caught out miles from anywhere with an unridable bike to push home. 
Some of the tips, techniques, and hints have been spotted on the Internet, others from the comics, picked up from fellow sufferers and yet more have been acquired through hard-won experience.  What they all share is that they’re based on sound practices that actually work in the conditions likely to be encountered on the trails.  The fixes will be doable with trail tools.  The riding advice (when we get round to posting it up) is aimed at mortals and should help improve both fitness and confidence.  

Top among the things that actually work is sound preparation.  The old adage  “Fail to plan and you plan to fail” is worth remembering.  So, staying away from the problems in the 1st instance will always be the main tactic.  In addition to advice in that regard, easy maintenance drills and ways of performing routine tasks will feature as well as ways of sorting problems when they do crop up. 

Mountain Bike Trails in the UK

When people think about Mountain Bike trails, the ones in the UK probably don’t often pop into your mind. However, there are some absolutely breathtaking trails you can go on that would change your thoughts in a heartbeat.

Granted if you are looking for a truly beautiful experience the likelihood is that you are either going to be traveling up into the Scottish mountains or down south to the rolling hills of Somerset. Either way, they will honestly give you something to talk about as this is most important to a number of people.

I am going to give you some of my favorite trails that I believe are worth a visit if you are into your mountain biking like I am.

My Northern Trail Picks:

1. Lairig Ghru, Scotland – It certainly isn’t one of the longest trials available to you, but the scenery is like no other and the ride is gripping, this is very different to your usual trail but one that has to experienced rather than spoken about.

2. Kinlochleven Ciaran Path, Scotland – Voted Trail of the year back in 2009 it is easily understandable why that was the case, with an intense ride that truly gets your heart pumping this is not one you would want to miss out on.  Here is a closer look.

3. Ullswater, Lake District – This is a hard working 8-mile trail that really gets your blood flowing, with steep climbs and harrowing drops it isn’t for your beginner but if you love the adrenaline and a fast pace don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Rides Down South:

1. Quantock’s, Somerset – Now the trails in the area are magnificent and challenging, the one I truly want to mention is Triscombe. If you are a downhill specialist or a hill climb pro this really does cater to your needs.

2. Peaslake, Surrey Hills – This gem is a little more hidden away compared to the monsters I have already mentioned but is one that should be on anybody’s to-do list. Working your way through the forests is such a surreal experience that you just don’t get with the other trails.

Regardless of the type of rider you are from beginner to competitor, these are some of the all-around favorites and as a tight community feel free to post up on forums and blogs to get to know your fellow riders and the tips and tricks they use when facing some of the tougher trails.